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VMZ study trip september 2016

De VMZ invites you to join a trip to Belgium from the 21st until the 23rd of September 2016. We’re going to look into and experience healthcare from a European perspective. The program is varying. Of course we’ll visit the European Parliament and the European Commission in Brussels. Leading themes are mainly subjects that dominate the European healthcare agenda: prevention, E-health, cost management, quality benchmark, elderly policy and the chronic sick.

We let ourselves being inspired by leading speakers and we’re going to visit Belgium healthcare organizations that excel on these European themes. We’ll also focus on the history of the Belgium healthcare system and we’ll let ourselves being taken by the fundamental adjustment that is currently taking place in the healthcare system of our southern neighbours.

Obviously you will also enjoy yourself during these three days because of the attractive border program during which we’ll experience Belgium’s hostile and cosy sides. De VMZ-trip offers enough opportunity to connect with the other participants.

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Comments by clients

I’m already closely working with Maaike for several years. We organize the study trips and take care of the partner and sponsor contacts of the VMZ. Enthusiastic, focused on clients and results, competence and representativeness are personally what I believe to be the characteristics of Maaike that made me very happy with our collaboration.

Erik Boerkamp, bestuurslid VMZ en Regiomanager De Twentse Zorgcentra.