VMP studiereis Zweden

VMP study trip from Wednesday the 23rd until Friday the 25th of September 2015

Inspiration in the Venice of the North, Study trip with VMP to Stockholm

From Wednesday the 23rd until Friday the 25th of September the VMP visits Stockholm. According to the insiders this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Stockholm is located on 14 islands connected by bridges and contains Europe’s largest Medieval centre: Gamla Stan. A nice decoration for an interesting trip. De VMP invites you to join! Sweden is a source of inspiration in the field of healthcare. During the three-day-trip three themes are central.

In the Karolynska institution, the leading academic hospital of Sweden we will zoom into the quality of healthcare. Value creation with a medical specialist at the wheel. The beckoning perspective? More quality for less money… In the Netherlands we’re standing  at the beginning of decentralization of healthcare tasks to the government while in Sweden they already have many years of experience. What are the lessons learned in Stockholm? ICT in healthcare is an important thing on the domestic Swedish healthcare agenda. E-health, self-management and the Electronic Patient register are themes where Sweden, thorough as they are,  have taken a jump forward on the Netherlands. Obviously you will also enjoy during the trip as there is an attractive border program during which we will really experience Stockholm. As you’re used to with VMP there will be enough opportunity to connect and network with the other participants.

Comment from the client

More than events lives up to its name. Maaike is more, pro-active, a team player and its an experience to collaborate with her. This is from my experience as a board member of the VMZ.

Margriet van Egmond