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Den Bosch, the Jheronimus Bosch-year. Shared Decision Making: “the key to self regulation of the demander for healthcare”?

Shared Decision Making has taken a wide definition. Patients and clients have an active role in decisions concerning their treatment or in not taking part in it. Patient and family participation lay close to that. Both exist in all fields of healthcare and these examples will come to light in April. Also managers will have a word: what drives them to centralize shared decision making into their strategy? Or why not? Which experience do you have with SDM and what would you like to share with your colleagues? Is it a development that’s irreversible or might there also be negative sides?

Shared Decision Making can also be seen as a governance model. There are different organizational forms that implicate involvement of professionals or experts. What is the effect? The insurer obliges to take into service the GGZ. How does that work out and who profits from it? And is a medically specialized company  eminently the form to make decisions and put down the best organization? Or is it like the way Douwe Biesma states in his new book, a “weave error”:.. When problems exist in the partnership they will come in their spare time to solve this together. The work ethic is a little bit more intense than in case of specialists in wage labour. Shared Decision Making is the central subject for two days in Den Bosch with excitatory presentations, interactive workshops and a stage for VMZ-members to share their experiences.

In the meantime there is enough time to speak to each other, get acquainted, eat well, drink and to stay over there for the night. The golden formula for networking is one we would like to maintain.

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Comment by client

To work with Maaike is always fun. She is very adequate, fast, creative and she’s always in a good mood. This creates trust that everything will be alright and for that reason I’m able to occupy myself with other things.

Drs. M.A.P. Mens, nursing manager in the division of internal and external specialisms (A)and Heart Centre (A1), Academic Medical Centre